10. november 2022

Copywriting is the cornerstone of any successful business

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Vores britiske kollega Alisdair har skrevet et indlæg, hvor du kan blive meget klogere på copywriting og vigtigheden heraf. Læs med her.

Copywriting is the cornerstone of any successful business, but many fail to do it effectively. Even Airbnb got it wrong back in 2015. Look it up after you’ve finished reading this. A classic case of wrong place, wrong tone.

What do we mean by not doing copywriting effectively? Look at the example below and tell us what’s wrong with it.

Publicity is the best PR and communications company in the world and has years of experience getting the best stories out into the media using a fresh, earth-shattering and evidence-based approach. We ensure our work is always up to standard and achieves the best results, no matter which industry we choose to work alongside.

Painfully obvious bragging and poor sentence structure aside, it’s a copywriting minefield. Useless words. Exaggerated claims. Long sentences. And buzzwordy jargon. Target audiences can only stomach so many “earth-shattering, evidence-based approach” cliches before shattering the earth in evidence-based frustration.

Worse still, it makes the ultimate copywriting sin and fails to address the audience without attempting to solve a specific problem or need. It’s self-centred, lacks customer awareness and screams “me, me, me, I, I, I” with a nice sprinkling of “our, our, our, we, we, we” for good measure.

See, persuasive copywriting isn’t putting words together, thinking they sound good and hoping for the best. There’s more to it than that. It requires a few steps outside the box and into the shoes of your customer base. What do they want? How can our product or service solve their problem? How do we communicate this?

Our copywriting service answers these questions, delivering your customers honest, concise and compelling copy that persuades and inspires them to take action. Direct, personal and personable brand messages are guaranteed; earth-shattering, evidence-based approaches are not.